ALL-NEW D-MAX Exterior accessories

<img src=" Tow Bar Kit (For Cab Chassis Models)

Tow Bar Kit (For Cab Chassis Models)

<img src="1 Piece Hard Tonneau Cover

1 Piece Hard Tonneau Cover

<img src="3 Piece Hard Tonneau Cover

3 Piece Hard Tonneau Cover

<img src="Alloy Scuff Plates

Alloy Scuff Plates

<img src="Canopy Roof Bars

Canopy Roof Bars

<img src="Canopy Window - Lift Up Style

Canopy Window - Lift Up Style

<img src="Canopy Window - Sliding Style

Canopy Window - Sliding Style

<img src="Double Grab Rail

Double Grab Rail

<img src="Economy Alloy Tray

Economy Alloy Tray

<img src="Electronic Brake Controller

Electronic Brake Controller

<img src="Fire Extinguisher Bracket - Large

Fire Extinguisher Bracket - Large

<img src="Fire Extinguisher Bracket - Small

Fire Extinguisher Bracket - Small

<img src="Front & Rear Slimline Weathershields

Front & Rear Slimline Weathershields

<img src="Front Standard Weathershields

Front Standard Weathershields

<img src="General Purpose Alloy Tray

General Purpose Alloy Tray

<img src="General Purpose Alloy Tray Step

General Purpose Alloy Tray Step

<img src="General Purpose Ladder Rack

General Purpose Ladder Rack

<img src="Headboard Aerial Mount

Headboard Aerial Mount

<img src="Headboard Wheel Hanger

Headboard Wheel Hanger

<img src="Headlight Protectors

Headlight Protectors

<img src="Heavy Duty Alloy Tray

Heavy Duty Alloy Tray

<img src="Heavy Duty Ladder Rack

Heavy Duty Ladder Rack

<img src="Heavy Duty Steel Tray

Heavy Duty Steel Tray

<img src="Lockable Under Tray Tool Box

Lockable Under Tray Tool Box

<img src="Over Rail Tub Liner

Over Rail Tub Liner

<img src="Polished Alloy Bull Bar

Polished Alloy Bull Bar

<img src="Polished Alloy Ladder Rack Kit

Polished Alloy Ladder Rack Kit

<img src="Polished Alloy Nudge Bar

Polished Alloy Nudge Bar

<img src="Polished Alloy Sports Bar

Polished Alloy Sports Bar

<img src="Roof Bar Set

Roof Bar Set

<img src="Roof Rail Cross Bars

Roof Rail Cross Bars

<img src="Rubber Tray Mat

Rubber Tray Mat

<img src="Satin Black Ladder Rack Kit

Satin Black Ladder Rack Kit

<img src="Satin Black Sports Bar

Satin Black Sports Bar

<img src="Satin Black Steel Bull Bar

Satin Black Steel Bull Bar

<img src="Slide Out Step

Slide Out Step

<img src="Snorkel


<img src="Soft Tonneau Cover

Soft Tonneau Cover

<img src="Steel Mesh Window Protector

Steel Mesh Window Protector

<img src="Stylish Side Steps

Stylish Side Steps

<img src="Tail Light Protector

Tail Light Protector

<img src="Tinted Bonnet Protector

Tinted Bonnet Protector

<img src="Tow Bar Kit (For Ute Models)

Tow Bar Kit (For Ute Models)

<img src="Tow Bar Wiring Harness - 12 Pin Flat

Tow Bar Wiring Harness - 12 Pin Flat

<img src="Tow Bar Wiring Harness - 7 Pin Flat

Tow Bar Wiring Harness - 7 Pin Flat

<img src="Tray Cargo Net

Tray Cargo Net

<img src="Under Rail Tub Liner

Under Rail Tub Liner

<img src="Under Tray Water Tank

Under Tray Water Tank

<img src="Weight Distribution Hitch

Weight Distribution Hitch

<img src="Welded Wire Mesh Window Protector

Welded Wire Mesh Window Protector

ALL-NEW D-MAX Interior accessories

<img src="Canvas Seat Covers Front

Canvas Seat Covers Front

<img src="Canvas Seat Covers Rear

Canvas Seat Covers Rear

<img src="Carpet Cabin Floor Mats

Carpet Cabin Floor Mats

<img src="Carpet Cabin Floor Mats (Front)

Carpet Cabin Floor Mats (Front)

<img src="Rubber Cabin Floor Mats

Rubber Cabin Floor Mats

<img src="Rubber Cabin Floor Mats (Front)

Rubber Cabin Floor Mats (Front)

+Braked towing capacity on all D-MAX models when fitted with an optional Genuine Isuzu UTE tow bar kit. ∞Up to 800mm of wading depth on all D-MAX models when travelling at a consistent speed of 7km/h. Water ingress may occur if speed is not maintained or if the vehicle is static in water above 350mm.◊IDAS features are designed to assist the driver, but should not be relied upon nor used as a substitute for safe driving practices. Feature operation may vary in different driving conditions. For full explanation of limitations, see Owner’s & Driver's Manual. <The Roadside Assistance Program (“RSA Program”) provides Coverage to RSA Eligible Vehicles with a Warranty Start Date on or after 1/9/20 for a maximum of 7 years (unlimited kilometres). Initial 13 months Coverage provided from the Warranty Start Date. The Coverage will be reset for another 13 months from each date that a Participating Isuzu UTE Dealer conducts a Scheduled Service on the vehicle.


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